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            Add:Xiwang, Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China
            Telephone : + 86-510-87432288
            (Domestic)  + 86 510-87432616
            (International) + 86 510-87432908
            Fax: + 86 510-87432918
                    + 86 510-87438906

            Corporate welfare
            Welcome to Baifu

                   Baifu welfare:

                   1, To provide work for free meals
                   2, The regular payment of labor protection products;
                   3, The enterprise to pay social insurance for all employees;
                   4, External technical staff provided free accommodation special
                   5, The new home purchase mortgage business to help solve some of the subsidy, eligibility criteria: 1. Special technical staff, (2) advanced enterprises for three consecutive years (or have a special contribution to the personnel of enterprises, such as: access to more than Wuxi model workers, etc.), 3 are inventions or scientific and technological achievements obtained over Yixing personnel or awards. 4 and above any of the corporate sector managers in the company of more than 2 years of continuous work.