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            Add:Xiwang, Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China
            Telephone : + 86-510-87432288
            (Domestic)  + 86 510-87432616
            (International) + 86 510-87432908
            Fax: + 86 510-87432918
                    + 86 510-87438906

            Chairman Speech
            Welcome to Baifu

            Enterprise mission: Harmonious enterprise, service, social returns!

            Enterprise vision: First-class team! First-class international brand!

            Business philosophy: for the customer's expectations, is always company's aim !

            The spirit of enterprise:explores and develops, the practical innovation: outstanding perfect, Thanksgiving dedication!

            The core value: sincere service, human base, effort together, and mutual development!


                The quality and reputation is the life of the enterprise, we will continue to provide customers with more quality products and more intimate services, we will insist on the principle of " Learning from all, and benefit all", we look forward to a briliant future.